Zooey Deschanel Has Mastered the Art of a Timeless Wardrobe

Zooey Deschanel‘s streamlined wardrobe can be summed up in one word: timeless.

The actress took a page out of her mother’s book and only purchases items that she knows will last a long time. “I love the idea of taking good care of your clothes and having them last a long time. Then you invest in pieces that are well-made, well-constructed, and fit you well,” she explains. 

While Deschanel keeps her clothes in excellent condition, she also organizes them in a way that makes sense for her.

“I like to have everything organized by color. It helps me find things. I am very visual.”

When it comes to the staples in her wardrobe, one particular item reigns supreme. “I wear jumpsuits a lot. That’s kind of my comfy day-to-day wear,” Deschanel confesses. She owns countless jumpsuits from brands like Big Bud Press and Sea New York and loves to pair them with the comfiest shoes that she owns: Crocs

As one of the company’s ambassadors, Deschanel owns both the classic slides and even a ballet-flat version. “They are the most comfortable shoes you could possibly ever have.”

Beyond jumpsuits and comfy shoes, Deschanel is a huge fan of colorful dresses that you can wear over and over again from brands like Batsheva and Staud.

“I love florals. I love prints. I love bright colors, but I also wear a lot of neutrals as well.”

When it comes to pants, if Deschanel falls in love with a pair, she’ll buy them in a lot of colors because she thinks it’s practical. The row of Jesse Kamm wide-leg pants in her wardrobe—which she wears multiple times a week—is no exception.

For accessories, Deschanel takes the same approach and buys items that are well-made and that she’ll wear for years.”If you have a nice bag that’s well-constructed, you don’t need to change it all the time.”

Discover more of the timeless staples in Deschanel’s wardrobe in the video below!

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