I’d Skip Every Major Trend In Favor Of These 8 Cool Basics

Not to sound like a broken record, but we need to talk about wardrobe basics. If you’re a regular Who What Wear reader, you already know we report on, discuss, and shop the best closet staples all day long, but pardon me if I bring them up again here. You see, now that I’m fully immersed in my fall wardrobe, I’ve found myself skipping plenty of bigger trends in favor of these more classic pieces.

It’s not just any basics I’m favoring, though. The fresh batch that Fall 2021 is serving up has a little something extra whether that be a boxier fit on a blazer, a pair of slouchy jeans, or retro-inspired sneakers. It’s true that basics tend to be less tied to the whims of the trend cycle than traditional seasonal trends, but the cool fall basics you’re about to see below feel very much of the moment. So much so that they’re really the only items I’m excited to wear right now. Trends, who?

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