Tanya Snyder Becomes Co-CEO of Washington Football Team

After being sole CEO of the Washington Football Team for over twenty years, owner Dan Snyder announced that his wife, Tanya, would be working as co-CEO. At this time, it seems Tanya will be an important force in non-football-related activities for the franchise.

As the August NFL season start approaches, pundits are making their futures predictions for the NFC East and league as a whole. The Washington Football Team isn’t featuring quite as positively as the Cowboys in NFL picks for the regular season, but are expected to battle with the Giants for second place in the division.

The Eagles, undergoing a step-by-step rebuild in Philadelphia, won’t make much of a dent in the division. In other words, there’s plenty of opportunity for the Washington Football Team this year — but there’s plenty at stake beyond the gridiron for fans.

A Poor Record

Under Dan Snyder, the team has had its fair share of drama. Since he took over in 1999, the Washington Football Team has failed to make it to a conference championship or Super Bowl. Additionally, they’ve only taken the NFC East four times (in a total of 22 years).

There was the Marty Schottenheimer era, which lasted a single season. Then came Steve Spurrier, who resigned three years before his contract end. Joe Gibbs made a brief (and unsuccessful) comeback with a few scrappy wins before leaving in 2007.

Jim Zorn didn’t fare much better. Mike Shanahan managed to squeeze a division title in 2012, as did Jay Gruden in 2015. By 2019, Gruden had moved on. The start of a new era came with Ron Rivera in 2020, which coincided with Snyder’s decision to drop the team’s name and opt for the temporary Washington Football Team.

For those who didn’t tally along, there have been eight coaching turnovers since Snyder purchased the team. It’s clear the team hasn’t been able to catch its footing — in the NFC East and beyond.

Expanding the Franchise

The answer to Snyder’s troubles may be closer to home than he’d ever imagined. Tanya Snyder has worked closely alongside her husband for years; she’s been responsible for the team’s charitable organizations since 1999 and has had ample exposure to the inner workings of the Washington Football Team.

As the third female CEO of an NFL franchise, alongside Amy Trask of the Raiders and Kim Pegula of the Buffalo Bills, Tanya will be instrumental in revolutionizing the fan experience for the Washington team.

In other words, it seems that Tanya will be tasked with the difficult job of steering the Washington Football Team’s branding back into the green. For years, Snyder outspokenly promised to never change the team’s name, despite frequent public backlash.

The start of the Ray Rivera era in 2020 coincided with Snyder’s announcement that the team’s name would be changed after all. Tanya will be instrumental in choosing another team name and spearheading the rebranding process, which is expected to cost the team hundreds of millions of dollars.

A New Identity

So far, the Washington Football Team has confirmed that this rebranding won’t apply to the colors of burgundy and gold. However, by 2022, a new team name and moniker will be announced — and fans are impatiently waiting for updates already.

Will they stick with a fan submission? Or will they roll out a series of favorite names and let fans vote online? So far, names like Redtails, Redhawks, Americans, and Warriors have all seen favorable reactions from the public.

Recently, it was revealed that Snyder’s attempted trademark on the Washington Football Team title was denied for the vagueness of the name. Potential issues could arise, as superfans have also begun to trademark names. For example, the ‘Americans’ has already been trademarked, meaning Snyder may have to buy the rights from a fan.

Since the old name and logo were retired in 2020, the team has worn a simple ‘W’ moniker on their uniforms. Striped helmets were replaced with jersey numbers, while they also debuted the first all-white uniform getup since the 2009 season.

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