Michigan Mom Who Thanked Trump For The 2nd Amendment Charged With Manslaughter In Son’s School Shooting

Jennifer Crumbley once thanked Trump for protecting the Second Amendment, now she and her husband have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in their son’s Michigan school shooting.

The AP reported:

Jennifer and James Crumbley were charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Under Michigan law, an involuntary manslaughter charge can be pursued if prosecutors believe someone contributed to a situation where harm or death was high. If convicted, they could face up to 15 years in prison.

“The parents were the only individuals in the position to know the access to weapons,” Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald said Thursday. The gun “seems to have been just freely available to that individual.”

James Crumbley bought the gun that was used to murder four of his classmates for his the Friday before the shooting.

Jennifer Crumbley Praised Trump And The Second Amendment

In a 2016 open letter to Trump on her blog, Jennifer Crumbley wrote, “As a female and a Realtor, thank you for allowing my right to bear arms. Allowing me to be protected if I show a home to someone with bad intentions. Thank you for respecting that Amendment.”

The Crumbley Charges Are Not A Second Amendment Issue

The NRA and Republicans will try to make the charges against the Crumbleys a Second Amendment issue, but they are not. There is no Second Amendment issue in this case.

The Crumbleys were charged because of their reckless endangerment of the lives of others by giving their troubled son unfettered availability and access to a firearm.

The parents are an example of bad gun ownership that should enrage and embarrass every reasonable gun owner in the country.

The Michigan prosecutor has described the actions of the Crumbleys as way beyond negligence,  and if this is the case, they enabled the shooting of 11 people and the deaths of four students.

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