Biden Stops Peter Doocy’s Fox COVID Talking Point Dead In Its Tracks

While speaking to reporters after remarks on the new jobs numbers, President Biden snuffed out Fox’s latest COVID talking point.


Doocy asked Biden, “On COVID policy, it seems like the administration is starting to soften some of the language. There’s this new op-ed where you talk about COVID, and we’re going to beat it back. Are you no longer going to shut it down?” 


Biden answered:

 We got to beat it back before we shut it down. It’s going to take time worldwide. In order to beat COVID, you have to shut it down worldwide. In the United States of America, we’re doing everything that needs to be done to take care of the American people within our borders. But look what’s happened. You know, we’re starting to make real progress, and we find out there’s another strain. 

And the idea that you can build a wall around America to keep any COVID from around the world out is not there. And besides, that’s one of the reasons why. I know we get criticized, I get criticized for not doing more for the world, but we’ve done more for the world by providing vaccine availability and help than every other nation in the world combined. 

Biden isn’t going to allow Fox News to set a narrative that he is weakening his position on the battle with COVID.

Doocy’s question doesn’t make a lot of sense on the surface, but his motive was to spread the idea that Biden is softening on the fight against the pandemic.

The Biden administration is very good at spotting Fox’s tactics and making sure that the White House is not used to spread right-wing political propaganda and misinformation.

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